List: Why It’s Okay to Like Trains…No Matter Your Age | Southern Museum

In advance of the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History’s “Trains, Trains, Trains” event on Jan. 25, the Museum’s staff researched the many reasons it is acceptable to like trains at every age. Here are eight reasons everyone, whether young or old, should like trains.

1. Trains are powerful…really powerful.

Consider this: A freight train can easily weigh more than 200,000 pounds – this is equivalent to more than a dozen elephants.

2. You’re in control

On the full-size trains, one person, the conductor, is in charge of all of that power. Now, if you shrink to model size, you're in complete control.

3. Trains make everyone happy

It’s as simple as this: Trains make kids happy – no matter their age. And, when kids tire out, parents can step in and play.

4. Trains ignite nostalgia

Almost everyone has memories of watching trains pass through their hometowns or traversing farmland. Who hasn’t played the “Counting How Many Boxcars” game?

5. Everyone looks good in a conductor hat

Try one. You’ll look good, we promise.

6. Trains make great stories

Throughout history, trains developed countless communities; they have shaped history and continue to impact the world today. Throughout the ages, the best stories begin with a train.

7. Who hasn’t dreamed of being a hobo?

The hobo rule-free life on the rails has been a common theme in literature throughout history.

8. You make friends when you play with trains

Playing with trains brings people together and allows everyone to connect using their imaginations and creativity. Besides, you can never have too many friends.

The Southern Museum is looking forward to seeing you on Jan. 25. Click here to learn more about “Trains, Trains, Trains” or to purchase tickets.

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