Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Archives and Library

Robert E. and Betty G. Ellison Railroad Library Collection donated in their honor by Ray and Chris Ellison Pittman, June 2006.

Arranged in Alpha Order by Title

Atlas of North American Railroads
by Bill Yenne

by Brian Solomon

Appalachian Coal Hauler: Interstate Railroad’s Mine Runs and Coal Trains
by Hugh Wolfe and Ed Wolfe

by Mike Schafer

by Brian Solomon

Railway Maintenance: The Men and Machines That Keep the Roads Running
by Brian Solomon

The American Freight Train
by Jim Boyd

The American Passenger Train
by Mike Schafer with Joe Welsh and Kevin Holland

The Last Steam Railroad in America, Photographs
by O. Winston Link and Text by Thomas H. Garver

The President Travels by Train: Politics and Pullmans
by Bob Withers



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