Glover Machine Works Collection

At the present time, the Glover Machine Works Collection is categorized into ten series of archival information.

Series 1 Glover Machine Works Builder's Files
Series 2 Glover Machine Works Locomotive Specifications
Series 3 Glover Machine Works Photographs/Postcards/Builder's Illustrations/Advertising Photograph's/Designers-Engravers-Printers-Proofs/Glover Machine Works Shop and Foundry Photographs
Series 4, 5 & 6 Glover Machine Works Time Books/Payroll Journals/Cash Books/Accounting Journals/Ledger for Glover Steel Company, dated 1887-1937
Series 7, 8 & 9 Glover Machine Steel Company Daily Time Records, dated 1897-1935
Series 10 Glover Machine Works Alpha Invoice, insurance, and Miscellaneous Files, Superior Invoices, and Customer Orders

Builder's Files and Specifications
Naval Fox Brothers  
Company Records
Riverside Chattahoochee Brick Timebook
Payroll Georgia Marble  
Glover Catalogs
Glover Machine Works Tansportation Department Catalog Locomotive Catalog E
Photographs/Photo Cards
Ideal Locomotive Russian Locomotive West Bay Locomotive
Trade Catalogs
Electric Grinders and Buffers Lower Foundry Costs Toledo Cranes



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