Lynne Murant “Central of Georgia and Other Railroads” Photograph Collection



Provenance: These photographs were donated to the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Archives and Library by Lynne Murant. These photographs were originally given to Ms. Murant by her grandfather, James Weaver Simmons, of Columbus, Georgia. He worked for and retired from the Southern Railways System.

Single photocopies are available for research purposes only for a nominal fee. A list of applicable fees can be found here.

Sallie Loy processed this collection in 2006.

Size: 17 Photograph Envelopes


The following photographs were donated by Lynne Murant in 2006.

Lynne Murant “Central of Georgia and Other Railroads” (Black and White) Photograph Collection

Box Envelope Contents
1 1

Six photographs of Jackson’s Gap Wreck, 1929


One photograph of #2 locomotive West of Sylacauga, Alabama, ca. 1950


One photograph of Seminole train West of Sylacaua, Alabama, ca. 1930


One photograph of Weaner Simmons, Central No. 451, ca. 1950

  5 One photograph of “Man O War”, ca. 1950
  6 One photograph of J.W.S. on Gang Plank, ca. 1950
  7 Five photographs of Seaboard Air Lines 1201 wreck at Bull Creek, ca. 1950
  8 One photograph of No. 2 on Flag Pole Mountain, 1929

One photograph of Central of Georgia Transport Truck #102 at mountain where it turned over near East Sylcauga, Alabama, J.W. Simmons was the operator, 1929


One photograph of Truck #102 at mountain between Sylcauga and Goodwater. At this curve, Central of Georgia Motor Transport truck #102 turned over cornering from Goodwater, 1929

  11 One photograph of Mr. G.E. Cromwell, Agent for Central of Georgia, standing by Central of Georgia Motor Transport Company truck at Sylcauga, Alabama, 1929
  12 One unidentified “wreck” photograph, ca. 1920
  13 One unidentified caboose photograph, ca. 1920
  14 One unidentified bulldozer on railroad flatbed car photograph, ca. 1930
  15 Two photographs of “James’ Train, Oregon”, ca. 1940
  16 One photograph of Hudson Lawhorn at work on the railroad during WWII, 1943
  17 One postcard of Santa Fe Streamliner and Station, San Diego, California, 1952
  18 One unidentified photograph of equipment on railroad flatbed car, ca. 1930



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