Southern Railway Historical Association Photograph Collection: Alabama

Southern Railway Historical Association Photograph Collection: Alabama

Accession P.2003.009

Provenance: The Southern Railway Historical Association loaned these records in 2003.

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C. Pat Cates and Dick Hillman processed these photographs in 2005-2006.

Size: 2 cubic feet

Description: On August 15, 2003, representatives from the Southern Railway Historical Association and the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History signed an agreement to place the association’s archives in the museum. Part of the massive collection of materials was photographs that had been taken from the 1930s to the 1990s. Many of the photographs were official pictures taken by the Southern Railway for publicity and for the company magazine Ties. These photographs were stored in a variety of containers and had been roughly organized into the various states that were served by the Southern Railway. There was also a collection of negatives although many had been separated from the original photographs. There is also evidence of a number of filing systems that had been used by the railroad to identify the photographs. No information has been found relative to this filing system. In addition to the photographs of the Southern Railway there were a number of photographs from individuals that had been organized into binders with headings such as “Steam Locomotives”, “Diesel Locomotives”, “Depots” as well as under individual cities and states. All the photographs of this collection have been removed from their original storage containers and placed in acid free envelopes. The original documentation has been retained with the photographs as well as additional information when it has been found. Every effort has been made to place the negative with the corresponding photograph. A number of museum volunteers and staff have worked in the organization of this collection.

  1. Birmingham (1 of 2)

Birmingham (2 of 2)

Birmingham Finley Shop

Birmingham Norris Yard (1 of 3)

Birmingham Norris Yard (2 of 3)

Birmingham Norris Yard (3 of 3)

Birmingham Pratt Yard

Diesel Passenger

Birmingham Terminal Station

Diesel Freight (1 of 2)

Diesel Freight (2 of 2)

Steam Locomotive #1481 and troop train, 1948

Steam Passenger

Steam Freight

Pride Power Station

Redstone Arsenal

Sheffield Yard

Tombigbee River

Depot at Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Miscellaneous Cities/Locations (1 of 2)

Miscellaneous Cities/Locations (2 of 2)




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