History buffs will enjoy learning about the Great Locomotive Chase and the Glover Machine Works in great detail, while others will enjoy leisurely browsing historical artifacts like clothing, firearms, and personal effects. And no one will want to miss the General, the steam locomotive stolen during the illustrious Great Locomotive Chase!


Group Tours

For groups of of 10 to 200 adults

(1.5 - 2 hours depending on group size)

Available Monday - Sunday

$5 per adult, guided

General Museum Tour
Enjoy a guided tour of the Smithsonian-affiliated Southern Museum with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Your visit will include our three permanent exhibits: The Great Locomotive Chase (including the world famous General steam locomotive), Railroads: Lifelines of the Civil War, and Glover Machine Works: Casting a New South. A viewing of a movie about the Great Locomotive Chase in our theater is also included.

Adult Outreach Presentations

Schedule a visit by one of our Museum educators for an engaging history presentation, complete with Q&A at the end of the presentation. Cost is $50 per presentation, plus mileage if outside a 20 mile radius of the Museum.

The Great Locomotive Chase

Bring the Great Locomotive Chase to life! Your group will discover behind-the-scenes details about the Andrews Raid, the men involved in the event, and its aftermath. This talk highlights an interesting local story from the Civil War, provides insight into the different decisions that were made during the raid, and explores how the outcome could have changed with different decisions.

Life as a Civil War Soldier

Explore what the daily life was like on the front lines during the Civil War. A Museum educator will give this presentation dressed as a Civil War solider, accompanied by reproduction items that help highlight life at camp. This presentation also explores the reasons people fought during the war and how perspectives changed from 1861 to 1865.

Casting of a New South: The Glover Machine Works

Discover how trains were built!  This talk highlights the Glover Machine Works and how the South was rebuilt after the war. As a small steam locomotive shop in Marietta, Georgia, the Glover Machine Works provides insight into the industrialization of the South after the war and how the United States evolved economically during the early twentieth century. This presentation brings to light an important part of local history and an understanding of how the South went from an agrarian to an industrial society.