Our Field Trips

Museum Highlights
Discover everything the museum has to offer with this comprehensive guided tour. Explore each of our galleries to learn about the strategic and economic importance of railroads, both during the Civil War and beyond. Investigate nineteenth-century technology in the Glover Machine Works while you learn how locomotives were made. After watching our 25-minute film about the Great Locomotive Chase, visit the famous General steam locomotive! This is a great exploration of local history for your class.

Meets GSE Standards: SS4H2 b, SS4H4 a, SS4H5 a-e*, SS4H6 a-d*, SS4E1 b,c,e,f, SS8H4 c, SS8H5 a-b*, SS8H6 a,e, SSUSH8 a-e*, SSUSH9 a-d*, SSUSH10 a-e*, SSUSH11 a,c,e

A Nation Divided
Investigate the causes and consequences of our divided nation during the Civil War. Start your tour off with a bang as you meet a costumed Civil War soldier interpreter, watch a firing demonstration, and learn about a soldier’s war-time experience with a hands-on living history presentation. Explore the story of the Great Locomotive Chase with a 25-minute movie, then play a choose-your-own adventure game to see how you would end the story. Your guided tour will also include a visit to the famous General steam locomotive, discussions of the Civil War, and an interactive scavenger hunt. This is a great introduction or wrap up to your Civil War unit in the classroom!

Meets GSE Standards: SS4H2 b, SS4H4 a, SS4H5 a-e*, SS4E1 b,c,e,f, SS8H4 c, SS8H5 a-b*, SSUSH8 a-e*, SSUSH9 a-d*

Industrialized America

Explore changes in technology in the South as you learn how industrialization has impacted history and our lives today. Discuss the significance of industry and the Southern economy in the years leading up to, during, and after the Civil War. Discover the Glover Machine Works, a twentieth-century locomotive factory, and their full-scale reproduction machine shop. Focus in on the role of railroads, especially in this region, and how technology drives social and economic change. This tour is a great option for students studying

local history, Reconstruction, or the Industrial Revolution.

Meets GSE Standards: SS4H6 a-d*, SS4E1 b,c,e,f, SS8H4 s, SS8H5 b, SS8H6 a,e, SSUSH9 a,d, SSUSH10 a-e*, SSUSH11 a,c,e

*Designates any standard we cover in its entirety.