The Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History houses a significant collection of company records, engineering drawings, blueprints, glass plate negatives, photographs, and correspondence from various railroad and industrial American businesses, as well as a growing collection of Civil War letters, diaries, and official records. In addition to our archival holdings, the Museum is home to the General locomotive, Civil War weaponry, and early twentieth-century locomotive manufacturing equipment. 


Key Collections

Search our archives by clicking on the below link. Once the PDF is open use the keys ‘ctrl’ and ‘f’ to search the document for specific terms. The finding aid is organized alphabetically by collection. Please note it is only representative of our collections and does not include our entire catalog. Please contact us if you are looking for something and cannot find it.

Southern Museum Archival Collections Part 1

Civil War Archives Collection

Miscellaneous individual and family Civil War collections include correspondence, military papers, Confederate veteran magazines, articles, historical currency, maps, ephemera, and more.

The Family of Wilson W. Brown Collection

Series consists of certificate of U.S. Army Records issued by the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), newspaper articles regarding Mr.Brown’s participation in the Great Locomotive Chase (also known as Andrews Raid and the Mitchel Raid), photographs, Raiders’ reunion, correspondence, and Mr. Wilson’s manuscript.

J. L. Fergus, Jr. Collection

Series consists of annual reports, books, bylaws, letterhead stationery, blueprints, drawings, maps, correspondence, reports, catalogs, organization charts, and CDs of photo information and DVD of the General locomotive at Nashville, Tennessee, in 1962.

William Peter Silcox Collection

Series consists of documents and items ranging from 1862-1990. The collection includes CSX System Map, Tonnage Chart, and Inspection Report; and Various Booklets/Pamphlets, Railroad Currency, Railroad Track Profiles, Valuation Section Reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission and related books.

William G. Neely Collection

Series consists of papers representing various railroads operating in Georgia including bonds, currency, mortgage loans, stock certificates dating from 1839 to 1910, and books.

Col. James G. Bogle Collection

Series includes Trains Magazines and Railroad Passes; Western & Atlantic History of W&A Locomotives; Timetables/ Schedules; Making of the Great Locomotive Chase Movie, Walt Disney & Wilbur G. Kurtz Collection; Railroad Engineering Drawings Collection; Various Civil War and Train Prints & Lithographs Including Wilbur G. Kurtz; Civil War and Railroad Map Collection; I.C.C. (Interstate Commerce Commission) Accident Investigation Reports, 1918 – 1970; and Wilbur G. Kurtz Newspaper Articles.

David W. Salter Collection

The David W. Salter Collection consists of 47,021 items including railroad related photographs, negatives, slides, timetables/schedules, maps, posters, books including Official Guides, correspondence, and model trains of various scales.

Bo Glover Collections

Business Records

Organizational History of the Glover Machine Works 1895-1995 including Glover Machine Works Builder's Files; Locomotive Specifications; Photographs/Postcards/Builder's Illustrations/Advertising Photograph's/Designers-Engravers-Printers-Proofs/Glover Machine Works Shop and Foundry Photographs; Time Books/Payroll Journals/Cash Books/Accounting Journals/Ledger for Glover Steel Company, dated 1887-1937; Glover Machine Steel Company Daily Time Records, dated 1897-1935; and Glover Machine Works Alpha Invoice, insurance, and Miscellaneous Files, Superior Invoices, and Customer Orders.


Collection consists of over 500 trade catalogs that were requested by the Glover Machine Works during the course of their business operations between 1890 and 1960.

Glass Plate Negative

The Glover Photograph Collection, which is comprised of over 800 glass plate negatives and thousands of photographs, contains images of Glover family gatherings, Glover engines at work in various settings, non-railroad related equipment manufactured at the Glover Machine Works, and photographs of workers and machinery in the interior of the Glover plant.