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Field Trips

Grades 4 through 12  |  Adapted to Grade Level
Meets GSE Standards

The Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History offers dynamic field trip options that meet Georgia state curriculum standards, incorporate highly interactive exhibits, and feature lesson plans for teachers and students. All options are tailored for age appropriateness and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

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Field Trip Options & GSE Standards


Junior Railroaders

Recommended for Ages PreK and K

This tour is great for our youngest visitors. Explore the museum and learn how transportation has changed and evolved over the years. Students will hunt through our Railroads: Lifelines of the Civil War exhibit for the different modes of transportation used during the Civil War, act out how steam trains were built over a hundred years ago, and get a chance to investigate the General and how it worked! Wrap up your tour with a matching game and story time that builds on the tour’s themes and enjoy playtime in the Jolley Education Center.

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Museum Explorers

Recommended for Grades 1 through 3 or for groups with a wide range of ages

For those groups with students not quite ready for our older tours, “Museum Explorers” allows students to experience everything that the museum has to offer. Students get the chance to explore our Railroads: Lifelines of the Civil War exhibit to learn about a Civil War soldier’s experience, examine the molding and casting process that was used to create steam trains during the early twentieth Century, and delve into the Great Locomotive Chase and the General! You will also have the opportunity to view our short film about the Great Locomotive Chase, investigate replica soldier items from the Civil War with hands-on activities, and play in our Jolley Education Center.

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Classroom Presentation

Soldiers & Civilians
Grades 4 through 12

Invite an expert to your class! Explore the experiences of a Civil War soldier through hands-on learning. We bring authentic reproduction soldier gear, reproduction Civil War letters from our archives, and photographs to your classroom as we facilitate a 30-45 minute lesson about soldier life. We make it easy to create a memorable day for your students!

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Traveling Trunk

Civil War at Home

Looking for an innovative way to teach the Civil War? Check out our Traveling Trunk! You will receive ten comprehensive lesson plans, adaptable for elementary- to middle-school students, and all the supporting materials you might need. The trunk includes reproduction soldier gear and letters, newspaper clippings, photographs, and more primary sources to investigate. The lesson plans cover all the GSE Civil War standards and emphasize the role of women, African Americans, and local individuals. Use these materials to supplement your existing lesson plans, inject some new energy into your classroom, and create a memorable unit for your students!

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